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Houston Golden – BAMF – The Linkedin Influencer Academy Download

Become A Top LinkedIn Influencer Without Doing Any Work

The BAMF process:

01 Optimize

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can make a world of difference. We’ll position you as an industry leader with a polished presence so you can present yourself in the best light (and attract qualified ready-to-convert leads).

02 Lead Generation

We’ll build your ideal audience with authentic conversations at scale. Every day, your profile will automagically (yes, it’s magic) send out at least 100 targeted and personalized messages to pre-screened prospects.

03 Authority Building

Your upgraded LinkedIn profile will start posting insightful content three times a week. We craft every post to position you as an industry influencer and attract inbound leads. We aim to get you at least 50,000 organic views each month.

04 Nurture and Convert

Our team of growth managers and messaging specialists use the proprietary BAMF LinkedIn Management CRM system to track and respond to all viable leads with pre-approved messaging — you can jump in and take over any time.

The Ultimate Growth Hack: The LinkedIn Influencer Program

We’ve all heard of going viral on social media. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to go viral to professionals only — no grandmas here!

This allows us to reach a highly targeted audience at scale without paying a dollar on ads.

Dear Reader, 

With over 350 million organic views to date, our clients are the most viewed people on LinkedIn.
BAMF was able to grow into a multi-million dollar agency in a matter of months using an innovative approach to content creation and outbound prospecting that helped us go viral on LinkedIn and generate leads on autopilot.
We’ve systematized our exact growth process and turned it into a service that transforms our clients into influencers and growth machines.
Houston Golden - BAMF - The Linkedin Influencer Academy Download

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